circle-croppedI’m Rachel. I question a lot, think a lot, and write a lot. Growing up I always thought I was going to be a doctor – the medical kind that is. I studied nursing in high school, watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy, volunteered in community… then I got sick. And in getting sick I got tired of being around doctors. So I took a different path. I studied psychology, the world around us, how we organise as a society and why people believe in what they do. I also walked the Camino De Santiago somewhere in there. Now I find myself once again on the path to becoming a doctor…just one of a very different kind.

I’m currently working on a PhD, exploring the ways spiritual and Indigenous wisdoms can help us redefine measure of success, delving deeply into ecological wisdom and practice. With Not-for-Profit organisations and community leaders across Australia, I work as an evaluator and facilitator helping people and organisations bring about positive social impact. I believe in the power of community, the value of listening to understand not solve, and holding integrity first in all things.

With a Masters of Management, and undergraduate degrees in psychology, economic geography and religion – I like to hope I’ve gained some insight into how people work, how this wonderfully complex world works, and how to make positive change in that world.

My work is an attempt to distill some clarity on this glorious mess we call life – how we connect with ourselves, others and the world around us. I ask a lot of questions, and am on a journey to find some of the answers.

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