me with rose

I’m Rachel. A 20-something Sydney based singer-songwriter & student (and alliteration abuser!). I write. I write a lot! I collect all sorts of thoughts in notebooks hidden all around my house, some which make profound sense and others making none whatsoever. I never claimed myself a writer in the Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespearean sense of the word; though I have come to realise the title kind of comes part-&-parcel with being a songwriter…So here we are.

As a self-confessed overthinker this blog is my attempt to gain some clarity on this glorious mess we call life. You will find my thoughts on life, love, spirituality, sexuality, beauty – Pretty much anything and everything. No need to get tied down to specifics. See this site as your own little internet nook to engage with life – and a feminine life at that.

Alongside my music I’m a serial student. I hold a Masters in Management (UTS), B.Sc (Psychology & Geography) and B.Arts (Religion). A whole lotta work, but a whole lotta fulfilment. Testament to my indecisiveness in university study I have obtained a rather eclectic and diverse study background and an equally eclectic (some would say eccentric) way of seeing the world. After 6 years, and too much HECS  debt, I like to hope I’ve gained some insight into how people work,  how this wonderful world works, and how to make positive change in that world.

I’m really just a Sydney girl who has a dangerous chocolate addiction, drinks excessive amounts of tea, asks a lot of questions – and is on a journey to find some of the answers.

Thanks for stopping by.

Rach. x

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