A Moment Over Overpriced Chinese Food

In life there are many glorious small moments. I’m very often blind to them, too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed by other things to notice them. But I had a moment recently & it was wonderful. One of those beautiful, simple, touching moments.

My 91 year old grandmother lives in the Blue Mountains – for you non-Sydney siders that’s about an hour and a half out of the city. This last weekend I visited her. I was traveling further up the mountains for a weekend retreat with some friends so I thought it best to go up a day early and pay G-Ma a visit. She called me a day early to lock in the shopping delivery list, and the next day I arrived on her door step with her juice, cereal and bread. (Not only am I a pretty great granddaughter – turns out I’m also a darn good milkman).

That wasn’t the moment though.

The moment came later when she was not so subtly hinting what she was wanting for dinner. Her beloved neighbour Walter (I like to think Walter is her secret retirement village lover who’s name you say as if you have a lisp because) had given her a menu of “the good place to get Chinese”, which I think in reality is the only place to get Chinese in Springwood.

We ordered it. I went to pick it up. And then it happened…

I arrived home to the table set, the china was out, good crystal wine glasses already poured with wine. Now my grandmother isn’t a big drinker, or really a drinker at all, so I was touched by the gesture.

The night was spent drinking, eating overpriced Chinese food, talking about the dances she attended as a vivacious 20-something, drinking that bottle of wine and her reminding me how she knew all along I should have never gone to Europe for ‘that boy’ – something she never fails to mention.

I love that woman.

I love how I can tell her anything and, though maybe judged, I’m unquestionably loved.

I love how I can make fun of her & she doesn’t care (or doesn’t hear).

I love that she’s invested in my life & thinks I deserve only the best.

I love my Grandma – as she would say – to bits!

And this little moment, eating overpriced Chinese, talking about shopping lists and boys, are memories I will cherish. And moments I will be sure to pay more attention to.


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