I did something seriously cool…

Every time I watch this I feel like a kick-ass adventurer. Amateur, but kick-ass nevertheless!

I did something seriously cool.

I walked across an entire country.

…And I miss it like heck!!!

The Camino gets under your skin.
It courses through your veins.
It becomes part of you.

Despite starting on my lonesome, I finished with a Camino family of the most inspiring humans to grace this earth. We laughed, loved, danced, threw rocks, released burdens, cried, drank vino…so much vino…and for the first time in a long time I felt truly alive.

Struggling to find the words that adequately explain what the Camino meant to me – I hope this film captures at least some of the magic of the Way. I wanted to capture the fun, the light and the energy of the pilgrims. But I also wanted to capture the struggle of the journey. Conquering both physical and mental mountains this pilgrimage was the most transformative, challenging, beautiful and spiritual journey I have ever been on. These places and these people shaped me into a more open, confident, happy and free spirit – for that I am eternally grateful.

Oh Camino, you beautiful blessing!

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