DIY Darling Pegboard: My post-uni creative endeavour

With my final undergrad submission submitted, no more readings to read and post-uni freedom now in my grasp, I did what all well trained uni students do when faced with time to do whatever they please – I slept!

Once I had ticked that off the to-do list I finally had time to get around to the more creative, inspired, fun, ‘just for the sake of it’ things in life. Things that are never really that high a priority and are subsequently hidden away, half finished, in the corner for such a time as this.

I love collecting memories. Anything with an inspirational quote over an equally inspiring photo is just my thing, and what better way to display them than with a pegboard?! I used an old frame I found on the side of the road, and some other bits’n’bobs from around the house to make this wonderful creation. Despite the fact all I did was hammer some nails, hook some wire & staple some fabric I was rather proud of the result…and even better, it was free!


Here’s how to make your own ‘DIY Darling Pegboard’…

1. Find yourself the ingredients – now I know it’s not a cooking recipe, but it still works! I was super lucky and found this lovely frame during hard rubbish collection in my local area (more to come on that in a later blog), but another cheap way to get old frames is to head down to your local op-shop and have a look at the old paintings – most of the time these come with a frame. Toss out the painting and there you have yourself a unique one-off and it will cost almost nothing.


2. Mark off where you want your wire, and hammer nails into the inner side of the frame. Be careful when hammering not to break the frame – I found putting a thick towel under it helped. I learnt this after chipping one of the decorative corners – though I claim it intentionally adds to the antique feel of it.


3. Measure off and loop the wire around the nails. This appears easy but wire is a fickle, annoying creature. So I recommend using pliers, otherwise you may need to take a tea break & conduct a HAIM sing-a-long of ‘I fumbled it when I came down to the wire’ like me to alleviate your frustration at the wires refusal to bend. Alternatively you can use string.


4. Cut your fabric to size & staple away.


Voila! There you have your very own real life pinterest board. Happy pegging!


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